Aerial Photos and Satellite Images of the Virginia Coast

last modified : 05/10/95

This contains a growing list of images either used or generated by VCR LTER researchers. We request that users of individual images abide by use restrictions and provide appropriate citations. Details on data use are contained in the VCR LTER Data Management Policy.

Aerial Photos and Satellite Images

1986 TM image of the VCR/LTER w/ outlines. 342 K

Entire Jan. 1992 TM scene including s. Delmarva Penn. & s. Chesapeake Bay. 738 K

Subset of Jan. 1992 TM scene showing s. Delmarva Penninsula. 395 K

1991 Infrared Aerial Photo of N. Hog Is. (1:20000). 413 K

1989 Infrared Aerial Photo of N. Hog Is. (1:20000). 285 K

Infrared Aerial Photo of Hog Is. w/ locations of transects plotted across (1:68000). 152 K

1989 TM image of Hog Is. & Hog Is. Bay showing shoals and marshes (30m res). 234 K

1986 TM image of Hog Is., Hog Is. Bay & surrounding areas--w/ outlines. 615 K

1993 TM bands 4,5,2 of Hog to Cobb Island. 442 K

1993 TM bands 4,5,2 of Wreck to Smith Island. 427

1991 Infrared Aerial Photos of Parramore Is. (5m res) (1:20000). 117 K

Aerial Photo and Map of VCR/LTER Drawdown Experiment (Parramore Is.) 199 K

Enlarged view from Infrared Aerial Photo of Phillips Creek and field in Brownsville. 164 K

Analysis of Infrared Aerial Photo of Phillip Creek showing `Green-ness', `Wetness' & `Brightness'. 246 K

Aug. 1984 TM scene of SE. portion of Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay. 960 K

Some of these images are also available in POSTSCRIPT versions available through the VCR Gopher.