Long-Term Ecological Research on Disturbance, Succession, and Ecosystem State Change at the Virginia Coast Reserve: LTER III

Proposal Submitted to National Science Foundation

Long-term Studies Program

February 3, 1994


The Department of Environmental Sciences,

The University of Virginia,

P.O. Box 9003,

Charlottesville, Virginia 22906

Principal Investigators: Bruce P. Hayden, John H. Porter, Herman H. Shugart

Co-Principal Investigators: Iris Anderson, Linda Blum, Mark M. Brinson, Robert R. Christian, Frank P. Day, Raymond D. Dueser, Keith Eshleman, Tanya Furman, James N. Galloway, R. Craig Kochel, Steven Macko,

George F. Oertel, Guofan Shao, David Smith, Thomas M. Smith,

Patricia L. Wiberg, Donald R. Young, and Joseph C. Zieman

Period of Performance: November 1, 1994 - October 31, 2000

Amount Requested: $3,780,000

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